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Love After Hate

Though this essay is seriously inadequate, I simply must write this to all those beautiful people in Charleston SC who lost so much. No, mere words cannot begin to express the emotions of sorrow and love people of every color and nationality around the world feel for those who died, their families, friends, and the congregation; all forced to endure the hateful nemesis of prejudice.

I was raised in the south during that horrid time of prejudice and the evil KKK. Even as a little boy, I could not comprehend such hate. It ate at me then, and still does. In some small way I needed to thank all those wondrous individuals who suffered so much pain and loss, for so long, at the evil hands of bigotry. Thus, I wrote the novel—My Water Path—released this past year, dedicated to those extraordinary people. The little boy in the story is me, as I would have been had my circumstances been the same. I struggled to render a vivid and genuine picture of deep and profound love between black and white—I can only hope I succeeded.

The only way to combat the evil of prejudice is through love. No matter how severe our legal system punishes evil (which it should), it will only embitter those of wicked beliefs. Sadly, they are so deficient in rational, moral and ethical reasoning, they know not how, nor wish to leave their septic tank of hate and wretchedness. They live a life of misery, yet are too dumb to realize. Sadly, these despicable people have existed throughout history, just as they exist today and will tomorrow. We see horrendous evil all around the world, and sadly our own nation is inflicted as well.

We all heard the painful words of forgiveness spoken by those wondrous parishioners who lost family. This is the ‘Love’ I’m talking about, however, those individual are far “superior” to me. As a white man, I see the evil killer as a devil with his horrid beliefs, and just as I cannot forgive Satan himself, I cannot find the strength to forgive that horrid, pathetic killer of goodness; his eyes tell me he is not worth of forgiveness. But I truly admire those who can forgive—I am just not as good a person as they, nor as strong–I wish I were.

One insignificant essay, written by an equally insignificant man in Tennessee, can in no way make a difference; not by writing a novel, not in a thousand essays, and not even if I could indeed find the right words to help heal the pain these wondrous people are enduring. All any of us can do is genuinely care, sincerely ‘feel’ for those who suffer, and stand up and be counted as a color-blind, prejudice free man or woman.

We mustn’t just feel bad, and then change the channel. We must do all within our ability to acknowledge our beliefs, our genuine regard for those of all nationalities and color. If all of us, regardless of our heritage or color, would simply nod and smile at others in passing, acknowledging them for who they are, or say “Hi” as we walk by, or go out of our way to befriend someone when the opportunity arises, or make conversation about nothing at all while standing in a checkout line, just conversation, maybe, just maybe that tiny gesture will make a difference. We need to all become “Friends” with love in our hearts and outnumber disdain.

No, it won’t bring an end to hate or prejudice, but if we can just “Outwardly” outnumber those deficient individuals, and flaunt the alliance of goodness and love for ALL people, perhaps we can show those idiots that no matter what they do, no matter how much evil they think they can inflict, ALL they will accomplish is to bring good/wondrous people closer together as Americans, as Neighbors, as loving and caring individuals throughout the world, and only prove to them that they will NEVER succeed, and show them how sick and deficient and pathetic they are to try.

Yes, this sounds like but a Band-Aid for healing major surgery, but if all of us use our hearts to give our love and care as a Band-Aid against evil, just maybe a few thousand-million hearts (Band-Aids) can help heal, and even, just maybe, change a few people’s beliefs from evil to goodness. Yes, there is Love-After-Hate, and each one of us must concentrate on how we can make this happen, and send our hearts out into the world. Those wondrous members of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, in Charleston SC have done so. Please, how about the rest of us try really hard? tj

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3 Responses to LOVE AFTER HATE

  1. Carol Lutz says:

    Good article Tim. I also believe that Love is very powerful and is the only way to combat the evil in the world. Blessings to you and yours.

  2. bob lew says:

    Thanks Timothy. You’ve put it so well.

  3. BJ Gillum says:

    I am simply saddened by all the needless killings, murders actually, that serve no real purpose but to engender anger and sorrow. Only time will heal this racism, and it will take another century before it is really ended. It is sadder still that the young perpetrator destroyed his own future and ruined any happiness his parents might have had. All too sad.

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