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Hee-Haw Puppet Politics

Hee-Haw Puppet Politics

And here we go again. OMG! I can only “hope” that the average American has more sense and better judgement than the average politician. Please tell me it’s so. All we seem to see and hear are various forms of stupidity, arrogance, and foolishness. What happened to intelligence, respect, character, and empathy? Our nation is the laughing stock of the planet at a time when we need to pull together for the betterment of our children, our nation, and our society. But can we? My answer is yes, however, I doubt we will.

When two rival gangs wage war in a huge city, the only result is ruin, and never can there be peace and serenity. They slash each other apart in search of power in every way they can. Well, just how does that differ from two rival political parties waging war? Gangs use guns, parties use words (often untrue). Think about it. Our two-party system of government has an atrocious “built in” flaw. It’s the same flaw harbored by every gang—all members are puppets with no choice in the mater.

No follower is supposed to move outside the “Party Politic,” and if you do you’ll be ostracized. The Congress, House, and Senate are blatantly partisan. Members support their party’s actions no questions asked, and seldom care one bit about what the other party believes. No matter the issue or action, nearly every member will vote for that ‘gang’ mentality. And worse, most “Americans” seem to be thoughtless puppets. Don’t get upset, yet, for just maybe you aren’t one of them. But it’s easy to determine by answering this question. “Are you going to listen to and evaluate only your party’s candidates, and then vote for whomever is selected to run for president no matter who wins the race?”

If you answered ‘yes’ stop reading, for nothing I or anyone else can say will do any good, because you are simply a biased/partisan party member (gang puppet) who will follow your gang’s (party’s) dictates without using any intellect you may indeed own. If you think the word ‘democrat’ or ‘republican’ has anything in the world to do with smart or stupid, you’re wrong. Look, if you are ONLY interested in hearing what your party says, and disregard or even demean every member and plan of the “other” party, you’re a large part of the problem in this nation, and fall right in with the partisan/gang puppet politics of DC. Please, remove the polarize glasses of “Party” and view the ‘whole’ of reality by cutting those damn strings “Party” has attached to you, and refuse to be one of those zillion Americans who admit their ignorance day in and day out by voting “Party” and not “Person.”

I’d sure like to get on my soapbox about the recent “Hee-Haw” debates, but I won’t, because, first, they simply weren’t funny, and secondly, I can’t find the proper “polite” words to describe certain speeches or individuals, for I’d only be recognizing ignorance–and they deserve NO recognition, even demeaning. I truly believe, and hope, that the majority of us can see through the blatant disregard for respect or empathy, let alone intelligence. I just hope Americans can see through the lunacy. The presidency is not a game, it is serious business with no room for comic superiority, conceit, let alone snobbery and foolishness. The presidency demands a serious, respectful, and empathetic ‘Character’, nothing less.

How about we all work to demonstrate our ability to think and evaluate through using our intellect by looking at the person, personality, demeanor, beliefs, plans, and most of all “Character” of those running for president, and put on blinders to what gang they belong to. I know, our political system demands a “gang/puppet mentality” but it has no power whatsoever over you, me, or anyone else, and can’t make us follow their purely partisan, illogical, and destructive mechanisms of governing.

When we listen to a candidate, how about we all tally up what they say about how they plan to “govern”, what comprises their “plans”, what they “believe in”, how “empathetic” they are, what their “goals” are for this nation, how “positive” they are, and foremost, how positive you feel about their “Character.” Put that tally in one column. At the same time, in the second column, tally how “negative” they are, how often they “Lambaste” another candidate, how little they say about “goals and plans” and how negative you feel about their “Character.” Now, compare the two tallies. Should you do this, it will reveal a great deal about that individual’s ability be our president. How I wish the news media would do this.

Voting as a party puppet is easy, albeit terribly lazy, irresponsible, and downright lame. I must say this, and surely many will be offended, but if you refuse to use your brain and simply vote party, by doing so, you are as UN-American as you can be. Why? Because you’re NOT for America, you’re only for Party, and you’re too lazy to “THINK” about what is best for America—you wish to be politically correct and thus leave it up to your infallible party; talk about irresponsible. What you need to understand is “Political Correctness” is an oxymoron—it’s really “Political Bias.” It would be far better if you simply don’t vote. Leave the voting to responsible party-blind individuals who want what is best for America, including the best man/woman for president; not because you merely want a donkey or elephant in the Whitehouse—you have to admit, that’s downright lame.

Let’s pull this nation out of the yellow “Hee-Haw” limelight, and put it back in the brilliant, white spotlights of honor, integrity, empathy, goodness, leadership, and Character beyond measure. Please, think for yourself and don’t let any party-master pull your strings. But is it possible? Sure, but only if we cut the strings of party-puppetry and use our intellects. It’s entirely up to us; we all have the needed scissors—but can we use them? I have, and I hope you will too. Sadly, however, I doubt many will.  tj

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6 Responses to Hee-Haw Puppet Politics

  1. Fred says:

    The way I see it both parties are incompetent and corrupt! The best thing you can do is vote for the best of the lot, hoping to keep out the worst ones. I don’t want to be one that doesn’t vote! I never did that and won’t start now! You have to stay as informed as possible about all the candidates to make a good decision! Fred.

  2. Kay Jablonski says:

    I agree with all your points, but sadly ALSO agree that most will just follow party lines….and our country will be the worse for it……..

  3. Carol Lutz says:

    Tim…you are so right on! I’m going to forward it on to all on my list. My husband always says that “a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” Let’s hope there are people out there who have a teachable spirit and can change their will!!! Few voters ever read a party platform. That along with your suggestions may incourage a third independent party. It’s probably the only way young voters will continue to be interested in helping our country.

    • Linda Lynch says:

      Yee Haw! It has long been a sore point with me how politicians love to throw dirt at members of the opposing party candidates. Using this red flag, they avoid the issues. The collective “we” just don’t seem to learn from past experience. I recall someone saying if a party member (I’ll forgo naming a specific party) had a choice between a qualified candidate and a stick, they would vote for the stick rather than buck party lines. Like you, I believe we could change, but it isn’t likely. Just think what we grey hairs could accomplish if we got together and took on certain candidates and issues…

      • BJ Gillum says:

        Political candidates speak to the lowest common denominator; target their comments and tirades accordingly. If you listen to Washington Journal when they are taking calls from the public you will quickly begin to cringe at the low level of intelligence of some of the over-motivated callers. These are the target audience of choice for politicians. I am finding the current gang of candidates to be quite inept and often speak to the members of the listening audience who are easily led by tone and rhetoric and are not interested in logic nor intellectual prowess. In short, I believe there is a mass of Americans who are as independent as hogs on ice and about as smart. But somehow, maybe with divine intervention, America survives. As for me, I am happy just to hear a speech from a politician who doesn’t use the phrase, “Having said that”. May God have mercy on our ignorance.

  4. Jerry Elkins says:

    100%, With a stroke of your pen you have driven the nail head flush.

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