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Simple Solution to White-Supremacist Hate

Simple Solution to White-Supremacist Hate

There is an easy solution for dealing with this White Supremacy/Neo Nazi hate, and one that would totally avoid chaos, violence, hate, injury, and death. It’s so easy it will never happen. It is simply this: Completely Ignore It.

Allow white supremacists to have a peaceful march, allow them to get on their podiums in front of a mike and shout anything they want. But do two things. First: Allow NO press to attend, and Second: put out a press release prior to the march that tells everyone there will be an anti-American rally, that no press will be allowed, and request/plead with the public that they completely avoid the areas where the rally/march is to take place. Explain to everyone that ignoring hate is the best way to fight hate simply because there truly is no other way. Ask all to “Stay Away” and if they happen to be on the street or in the area where the march is, to “walk quickly in the opposite direction.” To NOT stand and watch them, NEVER take a single photo, totally and unequivocally “IGNORE” the entire rally. The only people that should be there is a few police to enforced that no weapons are there and it is indeed peaceful.  The following press release should be: “There was a peaceful anti-American rally that no one attended except the anti-Americans.” 

Let these misguided individuals (idiots) have their say, let them shout their right-winged rhetoric to each other, let them make asses out of themselves, “In Private.” There will be no harm done, no violence, no pain, and no death. And can you just imagine what they will be thinking and feeling when there is not one soul there who gives a crap.  Their speeches will have no power and no reward. Their entire rally will be for naught. Will they march again? I truly doubt it.

How easy would this be to do? VERY easy, we only need to do it. It’s so logical, while it is totally “illogical” to think we can change these ignorant people by protesting against their beliefs. Protesting doesn’t EVER change a single mind, so WHY try by shouting at ignorance? What is the value of lowering ourselves to their level of raising fists and shouting back, let alone enticing violence?

If we could only “Ignore the ignorant” there would be no harm to anyone.

Can we do it, certainly. But will me, sadly, no.



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6 Responses to Simple Solution to White-Supremacist Hate

  1. Paul says:

    I ignored it. The very second that the news started to cover the subject I turned it off.

  2. I agree totally except that the media would never ignore it; they live for things like this. I’ve said many times that the media is to blame for giving hate, violence, and other ugliness a platform. And apparently, the American public loves it as well or the media would not profit off it.

  3. Sandy says:

    In our social media saturated society your approach is inconceivable sad to say. Police cannot ignore a potential fire storm endangering innocent people. Everyone makes the conscious decision to take part or ignore these asanine gatherings, and our newest highest rated entertainment, 24/7 News Shows need the chaos footage for their next live on the scene segment. Turm off the tv, search out credible news sources, join community action groups who work toward unity, read, speak peace in the only place each of us has access to – our circle of influence. Thank you Tim for making me stop and think about the state of our world this evening.

  4. Jerry says:

    I agree with the concept of personally ignoring them. I will ignore them and every other group that spews hatred and violence. I also agree that they have a right to have a peaceful march with the key word being peaceful. When it no longer is peaceful they should be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.
    They only thing that I respectfully disagree with you on is not allowing the press to cover it. Freedom of the press is their right also. The sad commentary on our society is that as long as the networks broadcast this crap the majority of people will watch it. If we would quit watching, no one would have to stop press coverage as they would move on to whatever draws viewers.

  5. BJ Gillum says:

    America is so varied a racial mix that it seems almost impossible that anyone would assume rallying to a theme of one race’s superiority over another is just silly and hard to believe. The recent even chronicled in this essay gained momentary public notice but will soon be forgotten and filed away as another example of the misuse of freedom of speech. I don’t go to rallies, none and care not to ever go for any reason. It’s all a waste of time and shoe leather. But it is entertainment for some. I feel about demonstrations and rallies as the man felt about watching a “hanging” when he said “I walked five miles to watch the hangin but I’d walk twenty miles around it to avoid seeing another one.” .

  6. Georg says:

    I feel you have a good plan, however, dealing with a broad spectrum of intelligence of the human animal, logic and reasoning will often find a back seat to hormonal and impulsive behavior. I refuse to view any of the news reports, I feel it reduces my IQ.

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