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WHERE is America Heading With Moral Character Failing All Around Us?

WHERE is America Heading With Moral Character Failing All Around Us?

I cannot find the proper words to express the concern I have for our wondrous America. Why? Because so many people simply cannot set their prejudice/bias aside and see reality. I’m certain there has never been discord, disagreement, prejudice, and narrow-mindedness as bad as we have in our nation today except during the fight against slavery, when “Americans” actually went to war because so many believed that black human beings should be forever slaves, no better than a beast of burden pulling a plow. History doesn’t lie, yet we’ve forgotten the cost to end slavery. 620,000 Americans were killed because of bigotry, white supremacy, and prejudice. My God! 620,000 were sacrificed to establish “All men are created equal.” Just look at today. So many incredibly wondrous individuals amongst us have dark, red, yellow, or brown skin as well as white. Yes, white supremacists/bigots still exist who refuse to accept reality, and they will always remain in their self-imposed gutter mind because of their obvious total lack of intellect; better called arrogance/ignorance. Yes, they are indeed so engrossed in ‘self’ they are blind to the truth that every single human being is equal to every other. If you don’t believe in equality, stop reading, for I have no respect for you whatsoever, and you’re not going to comprehend simple facts, let alone what I write.

History again, not in our nation, but even more horrid. Under Hitler the Nazi regime murdered six-million Jewish people (1.5 million were children) because the Germans thought themselves racially superior, just as  so many Americans thought themselves racially superior to blacks—no difference, we just used the battlefield and lynchings instead of gas chambers. I could go on and on with dozens of other wars past and present throughout the world for the same reasons: prejudice, bigotry, superiority, due to race or religion.

So, what does this all have to do with my concern for America today? Quite simple. Our present two-party political system fosters, and “Demands” the same attitude, only we don’t call it prejudice or bigotry; the polite term is partisanship. If you can’t see the parallel, then you really do need to look closely at how and why you believe, act, vote, excuse, ignore, make choices, or look the other way. You need to look at facts and honestly asses yourself according to decency and goodness of your own moral character, and not blindly accept what your “party” claims. Likewise, a truly wise individual will not excuse, look the other way, ignore the truth, facts, or accept something simply because a member of “your” party demands it. Character is defined by standing up for your moral beliefs.

Every person alive, whether brilliant, genius, average, below average, ordinary, rich or poor, must be judged not on any of those characteristics, but rather on one thing alone; their moral character. A universal truth is: The value of a man is but one thing, the quality of his Character. Every individual of high moral character has, by definition, another paramount quality, “empathy.” They go hand-in-hand. An empathetic person knows no-one is “above” another because of their wealth, social status, position, color, religion, or popularity, yet there are so many who are blind to this truth.

In politics, too often, a person of honorable character is expected to lower their standards to “conform” to the party-line. These individuals will sacrifice their “honest” beliefs to fit the mold and support what they don’t believe in, or, if they can’t in good conscience, they simply ignore it and never share the truth with themselves or their constituents. They are expected to kowtow to more powerful individuals in their party. As I have said before, it’s the Hatfield or McCoy family of partisan-puppet-politics.

All too often, these same politicians care more about their personal economic benefit than that of their constituents. Perfect example is the Tennessee republican politician who proudly stood against his party’s tax bill for all the right reasons, most significant being it will benefit the rich and corporations, at the expense of middle income Americans. But when he was able to include a provision which would make him millions by reducing his real-estate taxes, he instantly tossed his character into the gutter and supported the bill—who cares about the low and middle-income Americans when I can add millions to my millions. That’s only one example, there are many more. I had immense respect for this man’s character for standing up for his honest beliefs despite his “party.”  Well, all I now have is disdain, and he should be voted out of office for this blatantly selfish act.

I am and have always been an “independent” when it came to party. I only look at the Character of the politician, and what they believed in and stand for/against. Sadly, except for a few exceptions regarding the presidency, I have had to vote not “for” someone because they were great, but vote against someone because of their character. I had to vote for the least of two iniquities.

If you had no idea of “Party” and looked only at character, beliefs, goodness, respect, empathy, and intelligence, and saw a man stand in front of millions of Americans to make fun of a handicapped individual using ugly gestures and demeaning words; and if that person said he respects soldiers who “didn’t” get captured, not those who got captured; and who blatantly demeans women verbally without regard, men too, often; who won’t immediately stand against white supremacists; who constantly disgraces and degrades people over and over; and who keeps praising and admiring himself;  and ON AND ON, would you place his moral “Character” at the top or bottom of the heap? And if you ranked his empathy, where would you place him?

The answer is clear, yet if that person is in your party, you’re likely to look the other way, ignore, or make excuses for him—right? Okay, now ask yourself this: If that individual was in the OTHER party, where would you place him?  Look, case-in-point, if you didn’t place him in the SAME place regardless of party affiliation, then just admit you rank “Party” more important the “moral character.”  Admit, you will sacrifice your true beliefs for membership in the gang Hatfield or McCoy. This partisanship-gang-mentality is without question, the cancer of our wondrous Nation.

Just look at all the republicans who stood powerfully against Trump being selected as their presidential candidate. They were vocal, gave us their “honest” beliefs as to his moral character, and stated “Unequivocally” he was not fit to be president. Some used those EXACT WORDS. Look at most of those same individuals today—they now support and defend him. Their partisanship demanded they be hypocrites, and most, with frowns, did so—cancer at work. God Bless the few who didn’t surrender ‘their own’ moral character.

So often in politics it matters not a person’s beliefs, virtuousness, character, empathy, graciousness, arrogance, spitefulness, egotism, conceit, bigotry, or goodness; it only matters what party they belong to. If you are unable to comprehend this simply fact, then you need to look in the mirror, closely, and ask yourself where you place YOUR moral character, and YOUR empathy. Likely, you won’t be truthful with yourself even if you do, that’s how character-cancer works; it is insidious, hidden deep within unknowingly destroying virtue and goodness. The good news is chemotherapy or radiation is not needed, the cure is simple, “Strength of Character.” TJ



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