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Reflections on Love

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Reflections on Love

written by Timothy Joseph


Reflections On Love is a collection of short verse poems about love and life. Each is a thought, an emotion I wrote to my wife and soul-mate, and my children and friends, as I pondered the nature of mankind, love, and purpose of humanity. These short passages reflect my love for my wife, family, friends, and life. This journey can take you inside your own heart and seed thoughts of love for the wondrous people in your life. These passages are a serious, humorous, and loving journey through love and life–a journey that unfolds the answers.

The answers are as clear as light, just too apparent to see. so if you behold the emotions within these pages, you shall reveal your own unique answers. And when you do, live them in reality.

Here are but a few:

The virtue of a man is measured
    by how deeply he is loved,
while the caliber of a man is measured
    by how deeply he can love
To depart from life unloved,
is to never have been born of value
True-love is a miracle of two,
thank you my wife for making
this miracle come true
Only in true-love can we be whole,
for only in true-love can we stand
naked in emotion and body,
with pride and comfort
A naked soul is the only soul
worth wearing
He who is ashamed or afraid to cry,
closes the door on truth in loving
oneself or another
When I look at my son
and see hints of his father,
I smile and feel a bit immortal


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