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Technical, Scientific, And Literary Writing

I have over 40 years of technical writing experience having written thousands of reports and documents in numerous technical and non-technical areas, Including:

Technical Writing

  • Environmental and Ecological Impact and Risk Assessment
  • Limnology and Fisheries Biology
  • Environmental Health
  • Human Health Risk Assessment–Toxicological and Radiological
  • Water quality–surface and groundwater
  • Decision Analysis
  • Next Generation Manufacturing Technology
  • Integrated Management Technology Initiative
  • Scientific Bibliographic Development
  • Research Facility Environmental/Safety Appraisals throughout the U.S
  •  Conflict of Interest Management


  • Literary Writing — Fiction and Non-Fiction, Poetry, Children’s Books
  • Weekly Columnist for Knoxville News Sentinel
  • Ghost Writing
  • Facility and Company Annual Reports
  • Professional Journal Publications
  • Marketing Brochures

I am available for writing in any of these and other categories.

If interested, Please Let Me Know: 


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