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Endowments of Perfection

THE ARTIST must paint, the musician must play, the singer sing, the sculptor sculpt, the photographer shoot, the engineer design, and the writer must write. The mind and the talent of every artist cannot be reined in, and should be celebrated and exposed at every opportunity. Doing so brings to all people the beauty of life in all it grandeur, in all the different arts. It is the artists’ legacy, and their gifts to us.

As I write this I am listening to The Gift of Angles, by Steven Halprern—beauty beyond description. It is more than lovely music. For the hearing of it moves me into a private place of wonder, full of love, sadness, yearning, hopefulness, peace, and serenity. It not only takes me there, but it pulls from me emotions of life that I so wish I could adequately put into words, even though I can’t. Music directs my mind; yes, it indeed forces from within this meager brain of mine, thoughts and feelings I would have kept hidden–and I thank him for that. I see beautiful photos or artwork of oceans, forests, the sky, people, children, a hummingbird, butterfly, an old barn or a simple single stone in a stream, and the same thing happens—each moves me.

We owe these talented individuals our thanks for all they give to us, yet there really is no way other than to enjoy their creations. I am certain it is thanks enough when we give them our feelings/emotions as we experience and ‘feel’ their works, for that is the very purpose for what they do. Are these people ‘better’ than the rest of us? Do they sit atop a high pedestal? Do they look down at the masses sad that we are ‘less’? Absolutely not. I know many artists, as most of us do. They are ordinary folk with commonplace lives, and if anything, egoless individuals. The only thing truly ‘special’ about them is their talent, and their dedication to nurture and share it with us.

No one has identified the DNA component that produces that “Perfect” voice, or the ability to precisely glide a bow across the strings of a violin, or direct that paintbrush to render a portrait more perfect than a photo. How I wish I had just a little of that DNA, for I would immerse myself in that talent, just as they do. I’m saddened that I don’t have it, yet so grateful they do.

Though I have none of those rare genes, I have the ability to appreciate and enjoy and eat up the talent of those who do. I look at the four marvelous creations of Peter Parnall hanging on the walls next to me (photo above) and I want to drive up to Maine and shake his hand to merely say “Thank You Peter.” Such artistry on canvas or film or in stone or pottery is to me, frozen music.

I listen to Mozart and I wish I had a time machine and could find myself in his studio listening to him plunk on the piano to create a new sonata. I wish I could meet George Winston, sit with the Piano Guys, and meet Yo-Yo Ma; to hear them create music beyond measure. I wish I could learn from Ansel Adams how to shoot the perfect scene, and on and on. But I can’t.

What I can do is know them through their works. And I can meet the many wonderful authors of so many great books by jumping into their minds through absorbing their emotions, for it is indeed them on that page. I am thankful that so much beauty and wonder surround me, when hate, war, anger, and disdain fill our world. I just wish I could shout “THANK YOU” loud enough to all who give us so much joy. Since I can’t produce that volume, what I tried to do was say thank you through a simple poem:

Endowments of Perfection

The music of the maestro
   a symphony of wonder
The song of the virtuoso
   a creation of joy
The canvas of the masters
   a miracle of splendor
The cathedral of the architect
   a home worthy of God
The ballet of the dancer
   a praise of humanity
The statue of the sculptor
   a life in stone
The literature of the author
   a journey of reflection
The thoughts of the poet
   emotions in words

These masters of creation
Share the passion of who they are
Confer the intensity of their minds
Relinquish the nakedness of their souls
Surrender the essence of their reality
Bestow their spirits
Render their brilliance
Abdicate their vitality
Entrust their hearts
Share their tears
Endow their perfect gifts of love

To study their creations
read their words
listen to their music
hear their songs
assimilate their souls
embrace their emotions
receive their thoughts
share their minds
absorb their tears
  Is to honor them
  And ourselves as well

To these intellects of creativity
To these prodigies of living
To these geniuses of thought
I thank you for your legacy
   for the joy
   the tears
   the intensity
   the emotions
   the happiness
   the love shared
For your endowments of perfection

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