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Betsy DeVos–Another Partisan Travesty

Betsy DeVos–Another Partisan Travesty

The selection of “Secretary of Education” is a critically important responsibility, yet the seriousness of this position was downgraded to “who the hell cares” by EVERY Republican who voted to confirm Betsy DeVos. I Commend those two HONEST and empathetic Republicans who did not vote for conformation, while I truly ridicule those who did.

I earned a BS in Biology, an MS in Biology, and worked to get a BS in Education just so I can teach.  I have taught 8th through 12th grades as well as college. I LOVED teaching in the public-school system. Public education is one of the most critical aspects of a healthy society, and demands the highest credentials of leadership. I had to have a “Degree” in education before I could stand in front of a classroom, yet Betsy DeVos is going to MANAGE and DIRECT the education of all the students in the USA, and her total credentials is she “Mentored” once. Oh, My God!

She never sent her kids to public schools, went to a parent-teacher conference, or has any idea whatsoever what it takes to teach, let alone “manage” our schools. She is completely “Ignorant” in anything to do with public education, but she is the DIRECTOR, because an education-ignorant billionaire, selected an education-ignorant billionaire, and the equally ignorant Republicans voted her in because they don’t give a damn about anything but party–the ‘gang’ mentality–a travesty.

“Democrat” or “Republican” has nothing to do with it, whichever, it is totally “wrong.” How can ANY intelligent person think Betsy DeVos is qualified to be Secretary of Education? The answer is, “they can’t.” Honesty, Integrity, Intelligence, Empathy, Forthright, are all oxymoron to Partisan Politics.

People! How can we let this happen? How? This is a travesty, an insult, and Betsy DeVos should be ashamed, embarrassed, and should step down. I could do that job a “Thousand-Times Better” (and I’d love to), as could just about every teacher and administrator in our school system. I am beside myself, and honestly ‘sick.’ And I’m equally sick-and-tired of partisan politics. When will our political leaders ever “grow up” and do the right thing for all Americans and stop being a puppet to their party? Well, I know the answer to that—NEVER. Oh, sure, a few intelligent and empathetic leaders will, and I deeply thank them, but the good are so outnumbered by the partisan ignorant. Every government official that voted for confirmation should have to justify why they think she’s is qualified—but they don’t have to—they are politicians and can do any damn thing they want.

Partisan Politics is simply driving our wonderful country into the gutter. It demands you toss free thinking down the toilet and play “puppet”. Sorry, yes, I’m really angry, but every idiot who voted to confirm the ignorant billionaire Besty De Vos as Education Secretary has shown us they do NOT care about our school systems, the teachers, the administrators or the STUDENTS. Yes, they are hypocritical jackasses and should be voted out of office.  I truly feel sorry for the Department of Education staff that have to work under an incompetent boss. They are cringing, crying, pulling their hair out and likely truly depressed. To them I say this: “Just do the right thing regardless of your idiot leader–she’s so ignorant about education she’ll never know.”

Well, at least schools won’t have to fear grizzly bear attacks.

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2 Responses to Betsy DeVos–Another Partisan Travesty

  1. Barb Marshall says:

    Couldn’t agree more. This whole administration is a travesty. My 2 daughters and son-in-law are all in the education field and are not happy educators right now.

  2. Jane Cramer Woodard says:

    It is depressing to see what is happening to our country every day. This confirmation, or non-confirmation, should have been a slam dunk! After all, who on earth could possibly think this woman is capable of doing the job. I underestimated what money can buy.

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