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Remove those shades of self-rebuke 

Unblind your eyes

Raise the curtain to your soul

  To reveal the depth within

  To see the goodness and finery


Scold-not mistakes of unchangeable history

They merely conveyed knowledge for growth

But entomb those depressing seeds of error past

That they may no longer sprout and poison


Step out of the confines of a shadowed self

Measure not miscalculations

Judge not the spoils of blunder

  For they are universal, owned by all

  And unworthy of retention


Limit the travels of your thoughts

To places of joyful gladness

Delight for all the love imparted

Rectitude and honor for love returned

Integrity for your strength of character


View with wide-open eyes the love streaming toward you

Expose your heart and draw it in with vigor

Knowing the flow is unending

  That you are loved beyond measure

  That you matter

  That you are needed

  That indeed you own a legacy

That tears of love given and received are truth

And lasting


Unblind those eyes of yours

See through new spectacles

And view with veracity and pride your reality of love shared

Then smile for the truth of self



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