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Tumbling Poem

— Tumbling — 

— Words tumble
searching for a place
I must write
I must ask
I must seek
to untangle bedlam
but the twine of knots
thousands of damn knots
allude solution
drowning me
binding me to confusion
— Emotions tumble
searching for a place
Chaotic thoughts scream
      for clarity, lucidity
grains of sand,  pebbles
      rocks and boulders
      crumble and fall
      in my head
to settle in sequence
      but find disarray
      never solution
      never answers
      never peace
 — Purpose tumbles
searching for a place
Pandemonium blares
palms against my ears
hands against my eyes
      covered but so loud
      so vivid
      shouting at me
put the words together
find the sequence
share the answers
life, love, meaning, purpose
where, how, which direction
surely they’re there
      but I cannot find them
      and the grave is open
         awaiting me
         calling me to enter
         and sleep
I fear sleep
      without answers
      without purpose
I need to know
yet I must sometime rest
      please, to rest
— Tomorrow tumbles
searching for a place
Mountains of dreams
Valleys of reality
blinded by today
fired by chaos
churn in the mind
fix me they demand
I try
but where are the words
the answers
the solution
how do I find them
— Repute tumbles
searching for a place
I need you my spouse
my child
my friend
your touch of love
to hide in your caress
to bathe in your kiss
to shelter in your warmth
understanding my tears
giving me strength
to kick closed the casket
while I search for why
and seek the illusive words
answers to purpose
I’ll find them for you
or sleep in my grave
a wasted spirit
no words upon my headstone
— Life tumbles
searching for a place
        of peace

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