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Billionaire Bullies — A Chilling New Class of Americans? NEVER!

Billionaire Bullies — A Chilling New Class of Americans? NEVER!

The United States has led the world in many ways, and remains a nation of example. It has been a model of success for which other people worldwide use to map out their path forward. Sure, there are those nations critical of us, but they are largely the many countries without freedom or basic human rights. America was born of liberty, and like it or not, all eyes are upon us.

By and large, the leadership of this country has always maintained a high standard of ‘Class’. Yes, there have been way too many mistakes and lack of good judgement, but that is an inborn characteristic of being human. But even with those many errors by presidents and politicians, and even through impeachment, leadership didn’t toss ‘class’ to the wind. They kept pride, professionalism, and respect forefront—America simply has Class. Americans have stood proud of their country and what it stands for, and remain proud that we are in fact, the model for freedom and goodness.

The magnifying glass on the US is never stronger than during an election. This is when “Americans” strive to become the president, and demonstrate how they can lead this great nation, and make it a better place. They put on their best character to convince all Americans, and show all the world, why they are the best choice for the most powerful position/person on the planet.

This election is unlike any other in our history. Yes, there has always been the untruths and false accusations typical of “politics,” but at least it was done with a modicum of class, and usually with professionalism and maturity. We witnessed hot debates, but always with adults acting as adults at their podium.

I am seriously concerned by the antics and blatant disregard for respect of any kind, voiced clearly by one candidate, Donald Trump. Even if you believe he has what it takes to be the President of the United States, you are ignoring a critical facet of that office. The President of the United States, is, by definition, the “Model” of all Americans and for what America “stands for.” Like it or not, the “Character” of the President, represents the character of each and every American. And without empathy, understanding, compassion, decency, and professionalism, no person qualifies for that world position. If you don’t agree, you either lack those characteristics yourself, or you are blind to what the presidency “Means.” We must have pride in our president, not embarrassment.

Without a doubt, Donald Trump is a Rich Little “schoolboy brat” behind every podium he finds himself. He tosses to the wind every requirement of a decent person—and it’s not just once in a while. He’s a spoiled little child, and even acts the part quite well with his idiotic facial expressions, hand waving, eye rolling, lip puckering, tongue wagging, and finger pointing. He has a blatant disrespect and condemnation of all opponents. He uses everything possible, even a bathroom break to lambast, embarrass, and demean someone. He was accurate in one regard when he flailed his arms, sneered, and said, “I don’t even want to talk about it, it’s disgusting.” Yes, to even ‘think’ as he did, is horribly disgusting. Once again, he showed us clearly his warped and disgusting demeanor.  How could anyone believe an indecent, arrogant, self-centered, asinine, disgusting, bully should ever be our president? REALLY!

Can you imagine this man standing in front of the UN, representing the United States of America and what “we” stand for? It truly scares me.

All that aside, here is what concerns me even more. Think for just a moment about what he is telling our children–from young adults to college students. Think about the model he is portraying. Think about what he is preaching and ‘showing’ them.

He is teaching our children that it’s okay to flush empathy, respect, decency, and goodness down the toilet. He is using “show-and-tell” to demonstrate that any and all disrespect should be used to demean an opponent. He’s demonstrating that being arrogant and disgusting, will reward you with success. He’s shouting at the top of his voice, “I’m rich, and surely you want to be like me, so demean and make fun of anyone, anytime, if you want to win.” He is advertising, “Bullies Can Be Billionaires, so be a bully.” He’s training a chilling new class of Americans, we can’t let him succeed.

Admit it or not, Donald Trump does NOT represent America or Americans. America is not Saturday Night Live. He’s an insult to every one of us. Americans are empathetic, compassionate, kind, loving, and giving people.  And the presidency absolutely “Requires” those aspects of character. Trump has no comprehension whatsoever of the meaning of those words. But, if you ask him, I guarantee he will wave his arms wildly, sneer, and say, I quote: “I’m the most empathetic man in the world,” just as he said, “Everybody loves me.” I will admit, the press definitely loves his gift to them–such ripe fodder. 

He has made our nation the laughing stock of the planet, and worse, he’s TEACHING our children everything contrary to what America represents.

I’m not so worried about those other nations, for they are smart enough to see the truth, and just laugh at us. But our children? Do we want our kids to grow up flailing their arms, rolling their eyes, sneering, and telling everyone they are ‘stupid?’ Do we really want to put such a “Model of America” in the White House? Do we want to deal with this for four terrifying years? Could any political party seriously want this travesty to represent what their party stands for? Are they blind to decency and respect, let alone empathy?

I do have the answer. With all his billions, Trump should purchase an island or small country and declare himself King, Dictator, Potentate, or even President–and his antics would be on par with his administration. There is one thing however, which is close to accurate about Trump, so close in fact that all he has to do to make it right-on is remove the “T” from Trump. Then, his name accurately portrays his character, Donald Rump — an Ass.



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5 Responses to Billionaire Bullies — A Chilling New Class of Americans? NEVER!

  1. Carol Lutz says:

    Boy are you right on Tim! Thanks for sharing your article.

  2. Kemp says:

    Good stuff
    I totally agree

    What the HELL

  3. Jerry Rasmussen says:

    You’re right on Tim. But I think it goes deeper than Trump. This sort of thing has been the mainstay of many talk radio shows for years now, as well as on Fox News and all the other right wing television shows. These people have all been dismantling decency in America, and sadly you are seeing the results everywhere – especially in Congress!!

    • Carol Lutz says:

      I agree with you Jerry. It seems that Fox news and the others have been propagating fear and hatred for a long time and sadly people have bought into it.

  4. Now that we’re in mid 2017, time has shown your remarks to be right on. I used to try to have rational discussions arguing some of these points with Trump supporters – but I finally gave up. Whether well educated and upper class, or uneducated, it seems that all supporters react the same way – there is no rationality to it. It’s all emotional response. Thanks for posting this.

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