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President Hatfield or President McCoy?


I cannot find the words to convey adequately how frustrated and, well, “Upset” I am with our political system of government. I’ve written a couple of essays on the plague of partisanship, but the past many months of the race for the presidency has brought out the worst side of this plague. It demonstrates clearly that a two party system FORCES us to join either the Hatfields or the McCoys. And no matter what a family member stands for, most people will stand by the person and even justify anything they do, say, or stand for.

Extremely intelligent, wise, and truly unbiased men and women around the globe haven’t don’t this and have shared their thoughts, dismay, and shock that someone as blatantly unqualified and unprepared to be the leader of the most powerful country in the world is actually running for the presidency. A person with no experience whatsoever, no qualifications, no EMPATHY, and no idea what it takes to be a team player is in the race, and all he can say is “I have all the answers, trust me.” A person who contradicts himself constantly, changes position daily, is nasty and demeaning, and has only secret plans, is actually believed by an incredible number of “McCoy family members.”

There are many brilliant republicans who have denounced Trump and have explained their reasons. There isn’t a single living former president endorsing Trump, not one. Candidates who ran against all democrats are even refusing to endorse him. World leaders are shaking their heads at his antics and condescending/nasty remarks. These wise people do not belong to the Hatfield or McCoy family, they refuse to be so blatantly partisan by doing what a party leader says, instead of their conscience. And that’s my point. If we didn’t have a binding two-party system of government, and simply had people running for president based on their qualifications, beliefs, intelligence, wisdom, “character” and their programs for leading this nation, we wouldn’t be in the fix we are.

Come on, we need a president with kindness, EMPATHY, character, intelligence, wisdom, experience, a team player, not an arrogant, blowhard, know-it-all, with absolutely no idea what it takes to run a nation. You know it and I know it, yet, if you’re a member of the McCoy Republican Clan, you’re supporting him regardless of any remark or belief he has. Also, face it, if Clinton and Trump switched parties, guess what, you’d still vote party. Can you not see the dilemma here? Can you not see why the Hatfields and the McCoys have battled forever and will NEVER stop? Can you not see why the Congress and member of the Senate can never see eye-to-eye? How can they when made up almost entirely of Hatfields and McCoys. No wonder NOTHING gets done. How can it when the Hatfields would never agree with anything the McCoys want done and visa-verse. They simply do NOT know how to get along and never will. With a two party system, there will NEVER be unity and teamwork, NEVER, unless family members would all think “Independently” and look only at facts, not PARTY, and most Americans can’t or won’t do that–sadly.

If we could take the pretentious cloak of “Party” tag off of every member of the House, Senate, and Congress, mix up the chairs, and if we took all labels and names off bills so they would have to vote on MERIT “ALONE,” they would actually get a lot done for us because they wouldn’t have PARTY demanding they vote against something. They would be voting, perhaps for the very first time, using their own intellect. Now wouldn’t that be novel and wonderful–having our politicians think for themselves and base their decisions on brains instead of politics or lobby money contributions–IF ONLY. 

Let’s face it people, you and me as individuals have essentially no opportunity to make a difference or turn politics into something honest. And don’t even go there by saying I do with my Vote, because that is simply not true. Washington is an established oligarchy that pulls only their own strings for their own benefit, and they gang up to get their way, NOT for what is best for all Americans. It too way too many “Marches” on Washington simply to stand by the constitution that all men are created equal—feature that. Do you really want slavery back or the KKK? And there was a terrible war between the North and the South over such stupidity—good Lord! That’s the gang mentality, and the “Party” mentality that exists today, can’t you see that?

Look, all my essay is trying to get across to you is this: Stop letting others think/speak for you. But at the same time, know for certain it is you who is doing the thinking. Be honest with your inner-self at all times, and that’s not always easy to do. We have been told from childhood how to think, what to believe, and that we must be part of a group/club/party/religion etc. Yes, indeed, we have been brainwashed from early on. Separate yourself from the huge clan of dependent thinkers, and free your mind from all that historical fully-biased influence. Just be the person you are and think independently using your own intellect and values. “Party” dictates there is simply no place in this country for independent thinkers. You either think liken a Hatfield or a McCoy, period, or better put, you let “Party” speak for you–and don’t you dare think on your own.

Do you really want to allocate your right to think to someone else? Stop being a puppet of politics or anyone. Be strong enough to be honest with the person you are. Just don’t give in. Won’t you give independent thinking a try, for you, and for the nation? Please remember this, independent thought is sometimes difficult and always liberating, while thoughtless acceptance is so very easy and “enslaving.”

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4 Responses to President Hatfield or President McCoy?

  1. Barb Marshall says:

    Good thoughts, well expressed.

  2. BJ Gillum says:

    Party loyalty is an anchor in a calm sea.. We will soon elect a cleat thinking remale president so I feel confident things will be better in all respects.


  3. George says:


    I whole heartedly agree with you! So many political cowards in this country, very few critical thinkers. I refuse to be included in the general populace, Is there any way to get off this speeding rock?

  4. Dana says:

    I am a fiscal conservative who believes in personal freedom and personal responsibility. I do not have a party. As a friend pointed out, we get to vote for the least worst candidate.

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