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Peace Amongst Chaos

Peace Amongst Chaos

Watching the news, reading the papers, or listening to friends rightly complain about the world situation, justifiably creates frustration, anger, and disgust. An evil and crazy dictator in North Korea is starving his people for the sake of saber rattling, another in Syria is killing innocent civilians because he wants to stay in power, while rockets rain down on the homes of innocent Israelis who just want peace, and  other so-called ‘leaders’ terrorize those who don’t believe in their religion; and these are only a few of the many atrocities off our shores.

Worse, we somehow must personally deal with dozens of beautiful young school children being murdered in their classrooms, and bombings in theaters,  shopping centers, and marathons, not to mention child abuse, domestic abuse, shooting firemen responding to a fire, and on and on and on and on; all this while others drink themselves to a stupor only to get in their car and kill innocent families.  

For sure, the human species is terribly flawed, for out of greed, power, possession, hate, religion, race, or for no reason whatsoever other than mental illness, they are able to justify these horrid acts. As well, our own politicians think we all should carry assault weapons able to kill 30 people in 10 seconds, and won’t even pass a tight background check that the vast majority of Americans want to see required. Frustrated?

So here we sit, the average American family–wife, husband, kids, dreams, goals, and desires—wishing that we’d get only good news for a change, but knowing it just aint gonna happen. Can one ever be completely free of all this chaos when the wicked face of the devil will never cease to stare us down? Clearly no. So what can we do, if anything?

Remember this. Your mind is your magic carpet. Corny you say? Not hardly. Think about it. It can take you into deep despair, depression, and wallow you the horrid news about another child molestation or another IED killing our soldiers, or it can tell you to go ahead and get angry, shed a tear for those unfortunate individuals, and then realize how lucky you are not having to deal with the reality of it—only the knowledge. Yes, we must have empathy; it’s a wondrous human trait and comes with tears. But know, empathy is healthy–depression and anger are destructive.  

Though your mind often has a “mind” of its own, you do have a modicum of control. Remaining positive when so much negative engulfs us is smart–albeit not easy. Many people bathe in a cauldron of negativity—you want to tell them to grow up, or maybe just shut up. Understandably, you can’t always look only at the bright side of life, for your “mind’s eye” sees all. But you can steer your mind away from chaos. Don’t be that person with the frown when you can smile. Don’t be continually bitching and complaining when you can be complimentary and positive.

There is a trick you can use to gain control of your wayward mind—distract it. Simply pick up a good book, listening to Beethoven or Adell, write a love letter to your spouse or your child, make a Mocha Frappuccino and savor it, look at those family photos and laugh your ass off, activate a hobby, or send an email to an old friend about the ‘good-ole-times’. Too, remember this; the greatest way to put chaos and negativity in its place is to say those wondrous three words, “I love you”. Say them to your spouse, partner, children, grandchildren, sister, brother, or friend, and get in the habit of doing so often.

It boggles all our minds that hate and anger are so widespread, but let’s remember, “love” is universal and always available. If only “Love” could destroy anger as quickly as a bullet or bomb can end innocence.  Maybe it can’t, but the evil nemesis of hate cannot hold a candle to the power of love—so make love the foundation of your person, and in doing so you will find peace amongst chaos.

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5 Responses to Peace Amongst Chaos

  1. BJ Gillum says:

    “Live on the sunny side of life” as my friend Tim is saying. Remember the old song? Being positive during times of extreme stress is very difficult but remember that a smile spreads faster than a virus or violence. Love life, savor it and gather the smiles you encounter along the way.

  2. Robert Briggs says:

    Ok Tim you ask for comments here is mine.
    There is a time to plant and a time toreap what you have sown.
    There is a time to be born and and a time to die.
    God is Love. Satan is hate, malice, and Murder!
    Robert (Bob) Briggs
    Roane Writer’s Group
    Have a great day Tim.

  3. Tim says:

    I love reading your essays. Keep em coming!

  4. Melissa says:

    Just do me a favor and keep writing such trnechant analyses, OK?

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